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Nickelback hater launches campaign to stop the band playing in London lovingly titled 'Don't let Nickel Back'

Many people love music, soaking their ears in a multitude of genres and myriad spread of unique and creative artists. Some artists, everyone will agree on their brilliance, regardless of perhaps their own tastes or genre preferences. Others however will absolutely divide opinion and incite all out rage and hatred from those that despise them.

Nickelback are one such band, and whilst I can't genuinely say I know anyone that likes them, I can't say I know anyone that truly hates them either. Much like myself, my friends and I have pretty much a general apathy of 'meh Nickleback' every time we hear one of their droll, middle of the road, radio friendly rock songs invading our headspace. Unlike us though, this guy it seems, hates them more than anything as he's launched a full on campaign to gain support to stop the band rearing it's musical head in London.

The campaign, excellently titled 'Don't let Nickel back' kicked off several days ago and consists of those like minded individuals financially contributing to allow the campaigns owner to send disparaging emails to the bands management, effectively hoping to put them off ever returning to London. As it stands the campaign has only reached $288 with 58 backers, but this of course could gain traction as the campaign continues over the next few weeks.

We're assuming this a bit of fun and hope that as mentioned the campaign's owner will be donating the funds he receives to charity once the campaign is complete. It's also greatly entertaining as you'll see in the comments on the campaign page, where Nickelback haters are expressing their true disgust toward the band. Why not check out the campaign now over at 'Don't let Nickel back' be sure to tell us your thoughts and if you get involved, you can also hit up twitter too with #dontletnickelback.

Via: Kerrang

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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