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UPDATE: Marvel's Top 6 picks to play their cinematic universe's Sorcerer Supreme, Dr Strange


After the exciting news that Ryan Gosling has been approached for a role in DC's 2016 anti-hero epic 'Suicide Squad' it appears Marvel also what a piece of the actor too. In news coming from The Guardian it's said that Gosling has already been with talks for the role of Dr Strange at Marvel and could well be a front runner or at least in the top 7 up for contention (including those others listed below). Is Gosling the man for Dr Strange? We're not sure, personally we'd rather see him in DC's Suicide Squad but if he can do both then have at it!

Original story follows:

Bringing together a Dr Strange movie appears to have been something of an arduous task for the creative team over at Marvel, with many doubting the characters chances at holding his own on the big screen. Yet Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios President has always been keen to champion the potential of the character, constantly stating that as his favourite Marvel character if they could find a good way to bring him to the screen, they would. It seems this tenacity from Feige coupled with the success of Marvel's recent risky, yet unarguably successful and excellent Guardians of the Galaxy has made sure things continue to move full steam ahead for the Sorcerer Supreme.

With the studio having set their sights on Joaquin Phoenix for the role, a choice many fans agreed with it's unfortunate that contract negotiations broke down and the actor is now no longer in the running for the role. That said, Marvel has lined up a veritable who's who of actors they wish to court for the role, a list comprising of some of the best and uniquest actors making movies at the moment including an ex-Obi-Wan Kenobi. The list comes from Variety, a source often known for their accuracies so whilst we always recommend taking these things with a grain of salt, it's a pretty fair bet that one of these 6 may well be our on screen DR Strange in the not too distant future.
 1. Ewan McGregor

Known For: Star Wars Prequel Trilogy

Ewan could be a perfect fit for the role, given his love for the more uncouth roles the potential to step back into the mainstream as such a unique and unusual character could be the right balance to see him return to the spotlight as Dr Strange.

2. Jared Leto

Known For: Requiem of a Dream, 30 Seconds to Mars (band)

Oscar winner Jared Leto hasn't been doing all that much acting of late having taken the world by storm with his rock band 30 Seconds to Mars. Yet, he seems poised to return to acting, starting to appear in more roles and no doubt due a larger break out. Having been an actor initially in the running for the role of Dr Strange, we'd say his chances are high and he'd definitely suit the look and character of the role.

3. Oscar Isaac

Known For: Inside Llewyn Davis

Isaac has been playing some fantastic roles in excellent movies over the past few years, and is soon set to strike himself a place in eyes of superhero and sci-fi fans everywhere with his role in next year's Star Wars: Episode VII. Perhaps his role in Episode VII has given Marvel the right indication that he's the man for the job.

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