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Hunger Games Actress expected to play Robin in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

It's been a heavy week for superhero news with DC revealing their entire schedule of Superhero movies up until 2020 and also their high profile cast including Ryan Gosling being chased for 2016's Suicide Squad movie. So why not top it off with some further and very interesting potential casting for DC's upcoming big hitter Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice which will fully kick off DC's cinematic universe early in 2016.

Fans of the excellent Frank Miller written The Dark Knight Returns will be rather pleasantly surprised to the rumour coming from the set that none other than female Robin Carrie Kelley will be in the movie. According to a radio interview with an extra from the set as reported by The Wrap, Hunger Games actress Jena Malone has been spotted portraying the character on the set of the movie.

Whilst a Robin being in the movie is certainly a big surprise, we guess given the constant suggestions that the film's Batman is based around that of The Dark Knight Returns it's not as surprising that the Robin to be part of the film would be Carrie Kelley. Should we take this as a further sign that the plot may echo that of TDKR for some of it's key beats, especially the epic Bats V Supes fight of the book. Something that would tie in exceptionally well with rumoured comic-con teaser footage, said to show Ben Affleck's Batman decked up with white glowing eyes in a full suit of Bat-Armor ready to take on the Man of Steel?

Colour us excited and very intrigued by this potential casting, we're keen on Jena Malone for the role too as she certainly fits the bill and could bring the right mix of physicality and courage to the table. What do you think of the casting? Is given the DCU's Batman a Robin a bad idea or could it bring forward a great dynamic that has been missing from our onscreen Dark Knight? Let us know your thoughts!

Via: IGN

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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