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Batman Burger: The Burger we need, isn't quite the one we deserve right now...

It's pretty much universally accepted that everyone loves Batman. So in the spirit of all things Batman it seems that McDonalds in Hong Kong have brought out their very own Batman special edition burger, which even more tantalisingly kicks off what appears to be a Justice League themed collection of burgers set to release in the future. The homepage on the McDonalds Hong Kong site reveals that we should expect burgers for Superman, The Flash and Green Lantern too. Exactly what they'll contain is yet to be shown though, perhaps green 'kryptonite' tea and 'Heat Vision' grilled criss-cut chips. Who knows.

Mmm, Tasty! There's certainly some very awesome advertising going on here with this Burger, but we're not so sure the Burger itself lives up quite to the standard the advertising suggests (Thus our title). According to a variety of internet sources - as for some reason you can't actually get a breakdown of what's in the burger from the McDonalds site - it consists of onions, two burger patties, cheese, a McMuffin style Egg and a 'white' and 'brown' sauce whatever those might be. We're not sure the Burger lives up to the Dark Knight himself, how about you? That box on the other hand... Pure Genius!

Whilst we'd definitely try the Burger were it available locally we're not convinced we'd enjoy it all that much. We'd love to see what the other burgers in the range will be though and will keep you posted as more launch. Do you think you'd try it and what are your thoughts on the potential mash ups that will make up the other burgers in the 'Justice League' range?

Main Image: Travenluc.com

Source: Kotaku

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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