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Are Apple unveiling new iPads and a new OS X this October?

According to an anonymous source from the Daily Dot, Via IGN it seems like there will be the unveiling of both a new third generation iPad mini and a sixth generation iPad this October. The rumoured reveal should occur on the 21st of October, which coincides nicely with last years iPad Air and OS X Mavericks reveal on October 22nd.

Alongside the new iPad models set to be shown at the event, it is expected that Apple will also reveal their upcoming new OS X Yosemite. The new OS is rumoured to be something of a complete visual overhaul shaking up the standards that most Apple Mac users have become used to over the years.

After the exciting launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, it'll be interesting to see what Apple has up their sleeve for the reveal of their next batch of new iPad models and the much rumoured visual overhaul of their OS X. This is of course assuming that the anonymous source is spot on with that event date of October 22nd. Are you excited to see what Apple is set to reveal, or do you expect just more of the same?

Ben Corbett-Mills | @benleopards

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