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The Flash debut poster is crammed full of DC universe easter eggs!

DC's next foray into superheroes on TV is just over a month away when their new series The Flash starts on October 7th. In the build up we're likely to be treated with plenty of promotional materials and to kick things off here's the debut poster for the series premiere encouraging us to 'Discover what makes a hero' by tuning into the show. Take a look at the debut poster below and keep reading for all those easter eggs!

Not only does this poster get us ready for the upcoming The Flash show it also strongly hints at a greater expansion to the DC's Telivisual Universe with quite a few notable easter eggs. Let's take a look and do some speculation:-

  • Queen Consolidated tower - Seen way off in the top right of the background, this highlights the continuing relationship between this new series and DC's other TV heavy hitter Arrow. We already know that the shows will both crossover on their corresponding 8th episodes this season but we no doubt expect a great deal more collaboration down the line.
  • Kord Enterprises - Sneakily placed to the mid right of the image continues the suggestive teasing seen within Arrow that the edition of Ted Kord Aka Blue Beetle might be coming to this shared universe fairly soon. A character we would absolutely love to see.
  • Grodd Lives - Spotted in the graffiti to the bottom right of the poster. A suggestion that the new series may at some point feature the villain Gorilla Grodd? 
  • S.T.A.R. Labs - Seen on the middle right building is the S.T.A.R. Labs logo featured previously in Arrow and taking the part of the team that will assist Barry Allen Aka The Flash in harnessing his new powers.
  • Big Belly Burger - In the bottom right quarter of the poster, Big Belly Burger is a consistent fast food entity across DC comics continuity and a nice nod to fans with it's inclusion in the poster and most likely the show.
  • Amertek - The building encroaching on the top left of the screen is an industrial military firm that in the comics is the home to Dr John Henry Irons who becomes the metal clad superhero Steel.
  • Palmer (industries?) - It's not that clear but the eagle eyed folk at screenrant have picked up on the company logo of Ray Palmer Aka The Atom hidden on the wall to the far bottom left of the image. With Brandon Routh set to play the character in the upcoming series of Arrow could this be a hint that  the character will be present in both properties?
  • Wayne Enterprises? GothCorp? Stagg Enterprises? - We're not really sure on that tower in the very top left of the page, and nor it seems is anyone on the internet. Speculation is rife and while we'd love it to be something as sensationally ground breaking as Wayne Enterprises or Goth Corp we'd hazard that it is in fact Stagg Enterprises given the logo. We'd love for it to be Batman related but as of yet feel that DC are continuing to be cautious with their TV properties and avoiding The urge to hint toward The Dark Knight as much as possible.

We're excited for The Flash and given the quality of DC's Arrow TV series we've high expectations. Are you looking forward to seeing The Flash reimagined for new audiences this fall as well as how it will interweave with the current on TV DC universe in Arrow or are you not that fussed?

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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