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Remembering Robin Williams: Our 3 favourite movies

With the sad news of Robin Williams passing we wanted to look back at why we loved the fantastic actor & comedian so much. With a rich legacy of films that will forever remain here's our favourites that we remember most fondly from our childhood (and adulthood too).

3. Jumanji

We loved Jumanji, watching it bright eyed with excitement and suspense. With Robin Williams taking on the role of Alan Parrish a young boy sucked into the game who years later is pulled back out as an older man when two other children find and play the game themselves. Robin takes on the character of Alan fantastically and shows his ability to act with humour and sadness as he unravels the events that occurred to his family after his disappearance whilst simultaneously aiding the children avoid the same fate as his own. A brilliant film filled with excitement, adventure and plenty of danger, make sure you check it out.

2. Hook

Hook's brilliance resides in it's premise of an older Peter Pan having to return to never land a place he has, in fact, forgotten as he has aged far away from it. With Robin playing Pan he brought a unique twist to the character showcasing his fantastic acting, going from the stressed middle aged working man at the films start to rediscovering the joy of youth and adventure. Robin manages to capture the role perfectly making it nothing short of believeable yet whimsical and magic. Hook shows Robin's genius as an actor and entertainer encased within a fantastic film that will make you want an adventure of your own.

1. Aladdin

A fantastic work by Disney taken to the upper echelons of entertainment by the sensational voice acting of Robin in the role of the films standout character 'The Genie of the Lamp'. The humour and warmth that Williams' voice bought to the role sealed it as one of the all time greatest characters and subsequently greatest movies of Disney animation. If you've never seen it before then we'd absolutely recommend you go and watch it this instance.

Whilst that's our 3 favourite Robin Williams movies there's an almost endless list of classics that he'll be leaving behind including the likes of Toys, Patch Adams, Mrs Doubtfire, Jack, Flubber, Night at the Museum, Bicentennial Man, Good Will Hunting and many, many more. What were your favourites? Thank you Robin for filling ours and countless others lives with joy and wonderment through your movies, you'll be fondly remembered with a legacy that will live on for generation after generation.

Ben Corbett-mills / @benleopards

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