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Marvel's Ant-Man movie's first image of Paul Rudd as Scott Lang

It's been through a lot of ups and downs since the departure of it's initial director Edgar Wright, but finally, Marvel's Ant-Man movie has started filming ahead of it's coming release on July 17th 2015. With only 11 months to go before the release it's going to require some serious hard work from the team behind it, and it seems that work is going full steam ahead.

With filming now underway in San-Francisco, fans around the world are being treated to their first glimpse at the films core protagonist Scott Lang as played by Paul Rudd. Lang will of course be donning the iconic and titular Ant-Man suit at some point through out the movie. By the looks of Rudd's unimpressed expression and facial wounds we'd wager this first image comes from the opening act of the film prior to Lang becoming involved with former Ant-Man and creator of the suit, Hank Pym.

The picture originally revealed on USA today came alongside Rudd expressing his excitement for the film; "The way technology has advanced just in the last few years, picturing this world, what they can do with this kind of story line and character, I thought this could be something that could be very strange and hasn't been seen before."

The film is said to be a super hero focused heist movie with Scott Lang and Dr Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) teaming up together to plan a heist that could save the world. Pym the inventor of a particle that allows a user to shrink to the size of an insect but in turn greatly increase strength grows concerned when his star employee Darren Cross aka Yellow Jacket (Corey Stoll) plans to use the technology for nefarious reasons.

Whilst there has been a lot to get us concerned with since Edgar Wright's departure from the project we've a lot of faith in Paul Rudd and hope he can be a fantastic vessel for the character bringing it wit and charm when it hits the big screen. The plot most certainly sounds intriguing and we love the look of Rudd as Scott Lang. Here's hoping production goes well and we're treated to an awesome movie come July 17th 2015. What do you think of this debut image and are you excited for the movie?

Via: IGN

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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