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Lego release Ultimate Collectors Edition Dark Knight Tumbler set

Just when I thought Lego couldn't make a more epic Batman set they go and announce this new ultimate edition Tumbler at this year's Comi-Con. This hugely accurate representation blows away the previous two Lego efforts and showcases an excellent design true to the fantastic Dark Knight Trilogy.

The set will contain a gigantic 1,869 pieces making it larger than any of the Batman themed sets Lego have released to date. Including the awesome Arkham Asylum Breakout that has  pieces and the older Ultimate Batmobile that had 1045 pieces. The set will measure an impressive 15 inches long and 9 inches wide, featuring a highly detailed cockpit as well as adjustable wings and many other features.

To top it all off the set comes with an often requested Joker figure specifically based on Heath Ledgers rendition of the character from The Dark Knight movie. Alongside this is a slightly new version of the very common Batman minifigure with new detailing in line with Christian Bale's costume from the movie. The whole set looks set to be an impressive collectors item and will no doubt soar in value after it's discontinued. The set is expected to launch this September at a price point of $199.99, and is available in the UK for £159.99.

This looks set to be an excellent and exciting set, with a no doubt huge build time given its gigantic number of pieces. We're looking forward to picking up a set and building it ourselves. How about you? Are you glad to see a brand new set that truly represents the Tumbler of the Dark Knight trilogy in all it's glory?

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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