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Batman's background revealed for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

In an article from the team over at Badass Digest it seems that we'll be looking at very much an older Batman and Bruce Wayne than had initially been predicted for the moviess 'Veteran' Dark Knight. According to the piece, from sources linked to the movie, Batman has been operating for close to 30 years which would suggest the Dark Knight of the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice universe will likely be in his 50s.

Interestingly images from the set have leaked that show Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne with slightly greying hair on it's sides. Given the aforementioned likelihood that Wayne will be in his 50s we would have expected a full head of greys similar to his look in the oft referred to The Dark Knight Returns comic book. The sources indicate that Batman retains his status as an urban legend in the movie's universe, still seen as a creature of the night with no pictures ever captured.

It goes on to say that Batman will have had many an adventure and that the batcave will feature something of a memorial centered around a tattered Robin costume, hinting that at one point or other Batman's war on crime was not fought alone. It seems then that in this universe Batman will be very much the dark and hidden vigilante seen within the realms of his greatest comics, taking the character away from the bigger battles seen in the likes of the recent The Dark Knight Rises and in turn giving us a very different Dark Knight from those we have seen on screen before.

What do you think to the potential of a long operating Batman? One who retains more of his vigilantism and quiet focus as often seen in the more detective focussed comics? We're actually very intrigued as to how this all pieces together in the grander scheme of the movie and have hopes that Ben Affleck's Batman will give us something fresh and unique.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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