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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice's new earlier release date

We'd be amiss if we didn't say we weren't disappointed when Batman V Superman's original screen date was moved from 2015 into what seemed like the far too distant May 6th slot in 2016. However, it was set to share that slot with a Marvel big hitter Captain America 3, something that perhaps factored into the new release date Warner Bros have decided to give the movie.

So it now seems in light of what they were up against, the studio has decided to bring out it's new movie in an earlier slot of March 25th 2016. Whilst it's still not as great as it would have been to have the movie in 2015 at least an additional 2 months have been shaved off it's release.

Are you happy with the new and earlier release date for Batman V Superman? Personally we'd like it as soon as possible, but would much rather stick it out for a better quality of film than to see it rushed and ruined. What are your thoughts?

Via: IGN

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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