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The Last Of Us sells 7 million copies and has new DLC for PS4 & PS3

The Last Of Us continues to go from strength to strength, as many, including ourselves favourite game of the last console generation it's really not a surprise to see it doing so well. With the imminent release of the remastered PS4 version of the game which includes all previously released DLC, many speculated that the game would not receive any further additional content.

In an interview with IGN Spain, Naughty Dog's Arne Mayer announced the impressive sales figure of 7 million units that the game has now racked up on PS3 in little over a year. Alongside this he confirmed that there will be new DLC coming to the game in the form of an additional multiplayer map pack, a surprise considering Naughty Dog had previously put out all initially scheduled DLC content for the game. The new DLC will be cross buy compatible on it's release meaning you can buy and download on both PS3 & PS4. Whilst this new DLC suggests there's potential for more, unfortunately the developer confirmed that no new single player DLC is in the works.

We're big fans of The Last Of Us' excellent multiplayer and of course it's engrossing single player. We're looking forward to re-exploring it's world in the remastered addition, but we'll definitely have our fingers crossed for another single player expansion. What do you think to the announcement of new DLC, is it a good sign of more content to come?

Via: IGN

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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