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Paramore Vs. A Skunk at Monumentour!

In a random bit of footage starting to do the rounds on the internet it appears Paramore fans at Monumentour unfortunately got themselves doused in skunk scent while trying to enjoy a fantastic live performance of Paramore's 'The Only Exception'.

As the Skunk starts to cause something of a raucous amongst the crowd, singer of Paramore, Hayley Williams calls for a stop in the song to investigate what the fuss is all about. Finally exclaiming "Apparently it's just a skunk down there, spraying you with it's love and generosity" as the little critter made it's way into the crowd. Hayley finished it all off with a quick "That's never happened before", which isn't surprising really given that skunks don't tend to be regulars to gigs. Check out a mid-crowd video of the incident below.

Via: Kerrang

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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