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Joss Whedon ditched the original Avengers script for his own

In an upcoming Joss Whedon biography written by Amy Pascale it has come to light that Joss wasn't a fan of the original script for the first Avengers movie when he was shown it by Marvel's Kevin Feige. According to the biography Whedon told Feige "You don't have anything" being brutally honest about its quality.

The initial script was penned by X-Men screenwriter Zak Penn, Whedon stated of the draft "You need to pretend this draft never happened". At this point Whedon hadn't been picked to sit in the director's chair for the movie but his comments clearly worked in his favour. Feige have Whedon the chance to go and write a five page treatment to see how he would do things better. Of course, that five page treatment became the Avengers movie we all know and love.

We can't help but wonder what was so bad about that initial script that it evoked such comments from Whedon? Granted, given the amazing end product it's clear that the movie going audiences got the best deal when Whedon came on board to write and direct his vision of the Avengers. Would you have prefered to see a Zak Penn script taken to film or do you feel we got the best movie we could?

Via: IGN

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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