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First image of Batman V Superman's Man of Steel and Gotham City

Whilst there has been plenty of details thrown our way about our new Batman in the upcoming Batman V Superman movie, we've seen very little of the sequels Man of Steel. That has now changed with the release of a brand new image from the movie showcasing a rain soaked Henry Cavill as Superman. What's interesting to note however is that the city depicted in the background of the image whilst unspecified certainly doesn't bare much resemblance to Man of Steel's Metropolis. Could this image also be our first look at the new Gotham city?

We'd be keen to say yes, when looking closely at the image it certainly shows the more traditional look of Gotham that we'd expect. With large smoke stacks and more gothic architecture being present alongside the dark tone of the image it certainly gives the impression of Gotham city. Could this hint at Superman coming to Gotham at some point within the course of the movie?

In respect to Henry Cavill's Superman the image portrays a much surer and more confident Man of Steel than we'd seen in his previous movie. But little else appears new, with the suit echoing the same design of the first movie. Though of course there's likely no reason that the suit would change given it's alien origins and near indestructibility. 

What do you think to this first image of Henry Cavill's Superman? Is that definitely Gotham in the background or could it potentially represent the destruction of metropolis that occurred in the first movie? Either way this new image has us excited and we're no doubt soon likely to get our first look at other characters from the movie including the likes of Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor and of course more on our new Batman, Ben Affleck.

Via: IGN

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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