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Ex-Lost Prophets Members return as No Devotion with Geoff Rickly of Thursday fronting the band

The members of Lost Prophets were forced through a tumoltuous and unpleasant series of events last year when the band's lead singer Ian Watkins was arrested and subsequently convicted of child sex offences. As such the group disbanded from what was now a tarnished name, distances themselves from the concerning and unfair stigma that the actions of Ian Watkins had placed on the remaining members.

Now, the other members of Lost Prophets are back and doing what they do best, making new music. Alongside ex-Thursday singer Geoff Rickly, the remaining Lost Prophet members Lee Gaze, Jamie Oliver, Stuart Richardson, Luke Johnson & Mike Lewis have reformed under the brand new name of No Devotion. To kick things off the band have unleashed their debut track 'Stay' which you can hear in the video below.

What do you think to this new music from the band? Personally it's certainly a different departure from the previous sound that the band held, however it's great to see they're making steps forward and that hardworking musicians are getting the chance to shine once more after having had to deal with such shocking repercussions to their careers from the actions of an individual.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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