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Update: Adele announces new album '25'

UPDATE: It appears that the below was most definitely in error, the original tweet which no longer links in the feed below has been removed by @worldmusicaward which suggests they either jumped the gun on the announcement or it was never true to begin with!

Not surprisingly Adele has decided to maintain the trend of naming her albums after her age in the corresponding year in which she releases them. So following on from the absolutely huge hits of '19' and '21' Adele's new album is set to be titled '25'. The singer who celebrated her 25th birthday this year is expected to release the new album later this year followed by a tour in 2015 according to a twitter post from the World Music Awards which you can see below:
For those who are fans of Adele this is very exciting news indeed. Are you a fan of Adele and would you be keen to pick up a new album? Given the 4 year gap since her last album which just so happened to be Amazon's highest selling album of all time, '25' has a lot to live up to. No official confirmation has been provided from Adele's label or Adele herself so potentially take this one with a pinch of salt.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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