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6 Awesome reasons why you should buy an Xbox One! (1-3)

At GAMR we're keen on our consoles and have been enjoying both the Xbox One and it's Sony competitor the PS4. With the time we've spent enjoying them we thought it'd be great to tell you, just why, the Xbox One is awesome. So without further ado here's our top 6 reasons that you'll find yourself really loving the Xbox One.

1. Kinect is super cool

Whilst touted as an essential part of the experience given Microsoft's continued push of the additional hardware within its Xbox One console boxes, we're not entirely convinced. However, given that you're getting it when buying an Xbox One regardless we must say it's rather awesome. Not only do you get to feel rather cool barking commands at the console making the experience more fluid and easy, but and this is definitely the highlight you have full voice control over movies and TV shows meaning no scramble for the remote when you want to pause something as you rush to get that chip you just dropped! Excellent. (As a side note Microsoft has recently revealed it will be removing Kinect from the box and lowering the overall console price!)

2. Microsoft secure unique exclusive content

Microsoft is, you could say, notorious for throwing enough cash at developers to net at the very least a bevy of timed exclusive content for its consoles. Take Call Of Duty: Ghosts for example a game in which all DLC content packs have released early for the hungry FPS masses on the Xbox One with this trend continuing with the release of 2014's Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Sometimes they take it that extra step too and get completely unique content for the most popular games as proven with the fully Xbox One exclusives legends collection for the Ultimate Team mode on Fifa 14.

3. An extensive media hub

The Xbox One as much as it tries to deceive the general audience is a pretty dedicated gaming machine. That said its media features are rich and very well integrated. Skipping mid game to watch a movie on Netflix or getting your favourite playlist on the go is fluid and simple, the console works well to tailor it's dashboard to your tastes as you use it too, meaning that your favourite games, movies, music, TV, YouTube videos and whatever else you love are at the forefront of your experience.

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