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6 Awesome reasons why you should buy a PS4! (4-6)

4. It's got an excellent controller

Unlike it's immediate competitors the Playstation 4 has something of an awesome controller. Whilst not everyone agrees on the benefits of it, the PS4 controller's light bar looks great and when utilised well, as for example when it displays player health in Killzone: Shadowfall adds a little something extra. Not only that but the controller has an excellent quality and feel to it as well as being integrated with plenty of options for developers to take advantage of including the touchpad.

5. Free apps and MMO gaming

Unlike it's most immediate competitor the Xbox One, Sony's Playstation 4 doesn't restrict your ability to access the best apps and features like Netflix if you don't have a Playstation Plus subscription. To top it off, Sony's Online Entertainment has a host of awesome free to play MMOs that you can sink your teeth into and get online and gaming straight away without the need for a Playstation Plus subscription, a generous move from Sony that shows their intention to really support the gamers on their console.

6. Remote play with PS Vita

One of the most unique and amazing features of the Playstation 4 is it's awesome remote play functionality. Granted you need to own a PS Vita system as well but, the ability to remotely access and play your PS4 games anywhere in the world as long as both the Vita and PS4 have decent broadband connections is unparalleled. Next time you have to go away to visit family at the weekend just as your getting into the climatic stages of The Last Of Us: Remastered you'll be able to continue playing even while you're there. No doubt, much to your relatives disapproval. Whilst the functionality is rumoured to be patchy at times, we've found it smooth, simple to set up and great fun, playing your big screen PS4 games on the little screen.

So there you have it, 6 reasons why we think the Playstation 4 is an awesome console and well worth checking out. What do you think of the Playstation 4 and it's great selection of exclusive games, awesome apps and unique features like remote play? Do you love the console? Think it's rubbish? Be sure to tell us!

If you're not convinced the Playstation 4 is for you or perhaps you want to check out the competition then why not head over and read our companion article '6 Awesome reasons why you should buy an Xbox One'?

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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