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World's largest Video Games collection up for sale!

UPDATE: Currently the auction has reached a chunky $700,250 with 4 days left to go, if you want to take a look at the full listing check it out now here!

Sometimes you just need a good clear out, right? That's exactly what Michael Thommason pictured above is doing with 'The Worlds Largest Video Game Collection'. Thommason's collection is in fact certified by the Guinness world records as the largest, having received the title for a whopping 10,607 games last year. Since receiving the title his collection has further expanded and now totals over a crazy 11,000 games.

According to Thommason the games in his collection have been thoroughly well looked after with over 2600 still packaged in their original factory wrap, with a further 8300 complete with boxes and manuals. The collection which has been amassed over 25 years, is being put out for public bidding. When asked as to why Thommason noted that whilst he doesn't wish to part with the collection he has family responsibilities to be met and the funds from the sale of his collection will meet those.

So what do you think of Thommason's crazy collection of games? Will you be tempted to bid yourself? We'll most certainly be keeping our eye on the listing, though we're ominous as to if we'd ever be able to afford, or more importantly find the time to play that many games!

Via: Kotaku

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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  1. Well done!! That takes a whole lot of dedication as well as organization to be able to hold on and maintain the condition! Wondering though, were gaming systems part of the sale... Or was is solely the games??


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