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'HRG' to return in Heroes Reborn

Jack Coleman, the actor known for playing Noah Bennet aka 'HRG' (the fan given name for the character due to his donning of Horn Rimmed Glasses) has been confirmed to make a return in NBC's upcoming 'event series' Heroes Reborn.

Many will remember Noah from the original Heroes series as a man constantly torn between doing the greater good and protecting his daughter who happened to have special powers of her own. With mixed motives his story ran an interesting course over the original 4 seasons, continually forcing viewers to reevaluate their position of endearment or disgust toward the character.

With the inclusion of Noah there's certainly the potential that he will once again be working either to track down and harm or support the new heroes of the series, it'll be no doubt interesting to see where his motives lie this time around.

We're very excited for the new series of Heroes and think it's great that one of the most divisive fan favourite characters will be back. With NBC noting there may be others we can only hope to see the return of yet more of our favourite Heroes characters be it for cameos or hopefully more engaging story arcs.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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