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The UK's Queen is coming to Game Of Thrones!

In what can only be described as completely and utterly bizarre news, the UK's current reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth II is set to come to Game of Thrones?! The Queen understanding the huge economic benefit the show has had to the United Kingdom, having brought in an estimated £82 million to Northern Ireland, and creating 900 full-time as well as 5,700 part time jobs will feature in the next season of the show as a previously unseen benefactor of the Lannister family.

Nope, not really. The Queen will in fact be taking a trip to visit the set of the show, due in part to the aforementioned economic benefits it has provided whilst on a three day visit to Northern Ireland. That said, we can't imagine her as a fan of the show given the graphic violence, heinous language and excessive nudity. Though we could always be wrong. Still it would of been beyond entertaining should she have featured in a guest role! Would you have liked to see the Queen actually feature in Game of Thrones?

Via: SupaJam

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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