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Rumour: New Batman solo film in the works!

Rumours coming in from the often reliable sources over at Latino-Review suggest that a brand new solo movie for The Dark Knight is already being considered and planned for a release date in 2019. The film is tentatively titled 'The Batman' and will of course star Ben Affleck who would be reprising his role following 2016's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and the now rumoured Justice League movie in 2017.

Given than Warner Bros and DC are looking to hit the ground running with their upcoming movie slate which at the moment is rumoured to have a planned 7 movies on the way between now and 2018 it seems highly likely that Batman is due his own solo effort. With the rumours of Justice League coming in May 2017 and Man of Steel 2 in May 2018 we'd hazard a guess that the Caped Crusader's outing could be hitting screens on May 2019.

It's even possible, as the folks over at IGN have pointed out that Ben Affleck could well sit in the directors chair for the movie too. With his stellar efforts in the directors chair on movies like The Town we'd be willing to see how well he could do with The Batman. That said Affleck will undoubtedly be busy over the next few years with multiple appearances as The Dark Knight and his prohibition era drama Live By Night set to film with him once more on directorial duties. 

What do you think to the idea of a new Batman movie? Does the fact that it's almost 5 years away put a dampner on the news for you? We're keen to see Affleck's Batman but also intrigued to see how his performance will go, of course it's worth noting that should 2016's Batman V Superman be a flop that the plug could be pulled on subsequent movies or a new Batman film could be pulled forward should the character resonate well with audiences once more. Only time will tell, we'll have more on 'The Batman' as soon as we hear it!

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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