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Paramore's old Drummer Zac Farro releases awesome new single Mountain

As fans of Paramore both pre and post Farro brothers departure, we were rather excited to see what would come from the mind of the undeniably excellent musical craftsman that is Zac Farro. Having previously drummed for Paramore and clearly his key instrument of choice, new track 'Mountain' released under his solo act's name of 'HalfNoise' punches through with some excellently intelligent yet beautifully subtle and withheld rhythms and beats. Layering on top of this a veritable smorgasbord of creative instrumentation and heartfelt vocals, gives us what can only be described as an excellent and accomplished piece of music.

The song is well structured and catchy without being overtly in your face. It shows a musical intelligence that has Farro has clearly developed even further since his departure from Paramore. We think this is an excellent track and personally can't wait to pick up the debut 'HalfNoise' album when it releases later this year. What do you think to the track? Do you like it or is a greater departure of sound that you'd have expected given Zac's prior musical heritage?

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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