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Nintendo's Mario Maker lets us create the best Mario game ever

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Nintendo's E3 digital event was filled with exciting reveals, teases and closer looks at new games. Amongst all that snuck in possibly one of their best and most interesting new titles announced to release in 2015. Of course, as per the articles title we're talking about Mario Maker the suite of tools that allows any average joe the chance to create their own Mario levels from scratch in both a modern 2D New Super Mario bros style and a more classic 2D 16bit style.

Taking a closer look at the tools it looks set to provide users with something simple and intuitive with which to create their own levels. Allowing gamers to switch between creating and playing at the click of a button, making designing and play testing levels a breeze. Whilst there are plenty of questions yet to be answered regarding the depth of the title and it's cost the fact that Nintendo is focussing on the game having a community of user generated content could be fantastic. Ensuring there's always something good for those of us not so adept at making levels to play.

What do you think to the idea of a near endless selection of Mario levels available at your fingertips? We think the game has potential, seemingly borrowing from the success of Sony's fantastic Little Big Planet series. The success of Mario Maker though will surely lay on how in depth it's editor is and the kind of levels and creations that the community can make with it!

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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