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Nintendo's Amiibo Toy's prices revealed?

UK online retailer ShopTo have recently added Nintendo's upcoming toy project Amiibo figures to it's website where they can now be preordered. There's a large selection of the characters up on the site including the likes of Link, Mario, Zelda, Fox McCloud and Pikachu amongt many others with all figures weighing in at a price of £12.85 which for our american readers would suggest a US dollar price of somewhere in the region of $20.

This £12.85 price point puts Nintendo's new figure collection in roughly the same price park as that of Skylanders and Disney Infinity characters which start around the £9.99 price point. Whilst the Skylanders & Infinity characters are designed for use in specific games it's worth keeping in mind that Nintendo's Amiibo figures are set to work across multiple upcoming titles and store data on the figures themselves so you can constantly upgrade your stats. Nintendo revealed plenty of information regarding the new figures and some of the upcoming games they'll be useable in at this years E3.

What do you think of this price point for the figures does it seem reasonable given how close they fall to the pricing of competitors? Would you perhaps have preferred to see the figures weigh in at a more friendly £9.99 price point? Either way Nintendo's Amiibo project looks set to have plenty of promise, you can certainly colour us intrigued, though we won't be entirely convinced on dropping cash on the figures till we see how diversely they can be used and the unique experiences they'll add to our favourite games.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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