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New Star Wars Episode VII on set photos!

Details have been tight regarding the filming of the next Star Wars movie Episode VII, and as such there has been scarcely anything revealed from the current filming set in Abu Dhabi. However as of today, some very secretive behind the scenes pictures have made their way onto the internet courtesy of TMZ!

There's plenty to see in these new pictures with the overall theory that the set is designed to be a part of Tattoine the often recurring home of the Skywalker family throughout both the original and prequel trilogy of movies. The pictures seem to show much of what we'd expect to find on Tattoine, a dusty marketplace and plenty of sand. However, as you can see from the images there's also a new 'pig' like creature that can be seen, according to the report this creature is fully animatronic and takes 5 people to operate!

What do you think to these new Star Wars: Episode VII set images? There's not that much to go on, but it's great to see an emphasis being placed back onto physical effects and creatures, instead of the oft used CGI of the prequel trilogy. It's interesting to see, assuming that we're correct, that Tattoine will be a core part of the new movie, if so we can't help but wonder what it's role as a location will be?

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

Image Credit: TMZ

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