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Limited Edition White PS4 to launch with Destiny

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At Sony's E3 conference, a brand new variant of the Playstation 4 console has been revealed, and it looks amazing. The new white console will launch as part of an exclusive bundle with Bungie's Destiny game this coming September 9th. Take a look at that amazing new white finish in the image below.

As some great extra news, it's been confirmed that PS4 gamers will be getting themselves exclusive early beta access to play the game this coming July 17th. Destiny looks set to be a fantastic title, being the first from developer Bungie since they separated from Microsoft and the Halo franchise they created, the games unique MMO First Person Shooter action looks exciting and unique with a rumoured $500 million being pumped into the game by publisher Activision to create something very special indeed.

With the open beta coming next month to Playstation 4 it seems we'll get a chance to get hands on and see how good the game can be very soon. Are you looking forward to Bungie's Destiny and more importantly the fantastic new white PS4 that will be launching in an exclusive bundle with it?

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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