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Another Star Wars spin off already planned, with Josh Trank to direct.

Since production began on the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII it feels like there's been nothing but a steady stream of new Star Wars info alongside some very exciting pictures leaking from the set. Since we recently found out that Gareth Edwards had been selected as the director with the task of bringing the first Star Wars spinoff to the big screen in 2016, it's quite a surprise to find out that a further Star Wars spin off is in the pipeline with a director already selected.

Josh Trank who is primarily known for his awesome directorial debut Chronicle and whom is currently working on Fox's reboot of The Fantastic Four has been chosen to helm this new Star Wars spinoff. As we discussed, when it was announced that the first spin off would be coming in 2016, there's not a lot at the moment to give any concrete ideas of what kind of plot the movie could focus on, though there are plenty of theories.

Do you think Josh Trank is the right man for the job? Whilst quite a fresh director, we're confident that Trank could be the one to bring us something exciting, action packed and maybe even a little bit edgy to the Star Wars franchise. Of course only time will tell and we'll get a better idea of what to expect as more rumours regarding plots surface.

Via: IGN

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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