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7 new DC Superhero Movies named and dated

According to a report from IGN, well renowned entertainment reporter and original founder of Deadline, Nikki Finke has discovered from a source at Warner Bros what is coming up for DC's shared cinematic universe with plans revealed for dates and titles of 7 movies starting with 2016's Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

According to Finke, WB/DC were planning to announce the following slate of movies at the upcoming Comi-Con next month. Whilst she states "a lot of stuff remains in flux", this is what DC is planning to bring to our screens:-

May 2016 - Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

July 2016 - Shazam

Christmas 2016 - Sandman

May 2017 - Justice League

July 2017 - Wonder Woman

Christmas 2017 - Flash & Green Lantern (team up movie)

May 2018 - Man of Steel 2

It certainly seems an unusual spread of movies when you look at what's coming up. With smaller DC universe characters like Shazam and Sandman getting their own standalone movies. As many know Dwayne Johnson has been regularly rumoured to have a role in an upcoming DC movie, with speculation on him playing John Stewart/Green Lantern. Though as IGN suggests perhaps he could be playing the villainous Black Adam in Shazam. Beyond this, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is already working on a Sandman movie which is likely to be that mentioned for DC's slate.

Notably absent from the announcement however was any signs of a further Batman movie with Ben Affleck. Could this be due to WB looking to focus on expanding their cinematic DC universe by keeping the big bat on hold while other characters get more established? However rumours surfacing from separate sources suggest the potential of a standalone Batman movie coming in 2019!

This all sounds awesome, but we can't help but think that it's a very convenient story to have been dropped by Finke who has today launched her own independent movie news site. That said she has always been a significantly reliable reporter of information, but we'd suggest taking this news with a grain of salt, just in case! What do you think to the potential of DC's upcoming slate of movies? Will we get a big movie and actors reveal at Comi-con? Or will WB be keeping things underwraps that little bit longer.
Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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