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Weirdest Live action Mario ever?!

The internet is absolutely full of unique and interesting things, as such here's one of those compliments of both Nintendo and Mercedes. An odd partnership that has Mario Kart 8 featuring free Mercedes GLA themed DLC and in turn a Mario themed Mercedes GLA live action TV advert. If you want to see Mario like you've never seen him before then give the video below a watch!

So that's pretty weird, but also kind of cool right? We're pretty keen on this rather bonkers fusion and find it rather fun and entertaining, the little details like the way the ad ends is a nice touch. Also definite bonus points for the live action version of Mario's signature red outfit that's depicted here as some sort of combined armor/battle suit type thing!

So are you keen on the advert like us or think it's all potentially a bit too much?! Mario Kart 8 is now out so be sure to download the Mercedes DLC as soon as it's available if you feel like racing around in the GLA!

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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