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Is this the new Batmobile's complete design?

An eagle eyed report from IGN has discovered what appears to be a full prototype image of the new Batmobile from Batman Vs Superman on the facebook page of Blue Realm Studios a film focussed design agency. The prototype model which can be seen below doesn't have the wheels of the vehicle included with it, however the design most certainly fits with the two teaser images that have currently been revealed of the Dark Knight's new ride.

It's important to note that the design agency's facebook page from which the image originates is described as being "Blue Realm Studios is an experienced design agency, specialising in creative marketing, concept design, prop fabrication, and special effects." which would certainly promote the likelihood of them having either created or had access to the final design of the new Batmobile.

The design is certainly more unique than the teaser images have suggested thus far, looking more futuristic than any previous Batmobile design. It would seem to be based around an extremely aero dynamic framework with a design resembling something more of a space ship than a traditional road vehicle. That said, without the wheels which in the revealed pictures from director Zack Snyder it's hard to fully comprehend the principal behind the design. In the officially revealed images, the wheels are significantly large similar to those on the Tumbler and will likely have an impact on the look and feel of the design once we see a full image.

What do you think to the design of the new Batmobile should this turn out to be accurate? We're not 100% sure whether we like it, it's certainly a brave new step and differs from what we'd expected to be a more traditional design. However, the advanced look good work exceptionally well to help Ben Affleck's Batman get some real seperatation from his predecessors.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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