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Epic 'The Flash' trailer unveiled!

It's been quite some time coming but we've finally been treated to what is both an epic and exceptionally long 5 minute introductory trailer to the CW's new superhero series 'The Flash'. The show having spun from the excellent and popular 'Arrow' is set to come to the CW network this fall and follows the adventures of Barry Allen who after being struck by a bolt of lightning becomes none other than the titular 'The Flash'. The debut trailer is epic and gives us plenty to look at, both introducing Grant Gustin's Barry Allen as well as many of the supporting cast, Villains and backstory. Take a look below.

Following from Arrow's winning formula mixing up more gritty elements whilst keeping the superhero action at the forefront 'The Flash' looks set to bring something fresh and exciting. With what appears to be a fresher and perhaps slightly more light hearted vibe that will of course fit the character of 'The Flash'. The trailer gives plenty to sink our teeth into, plus the inclusion of Stephen Amell's 'Arrow' will help to enhance both shows creating a more cohesive and shared universe in which both these characters exist. More excitingly this no doubt sets up the possibility for crossover events in the future where the heroes may need to join together to battle an evil neither can best on their own.

We're pretty excited about 'The Flash', whilst their certainly feels like some elements may need more fleshing out, with the trailer occasionally bordering on a few corny elements, we trust the team behind 'Arrow' to bring us something equally awesome. What do you think to the looks of 'The Flash' could it breathe new life into one of DC's favourite comic characters, could it be doing quite the opposite?

Via: IGN

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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