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Beyonce and Jay-Z star in new movie 'RUN'

We've all wondered given Beyonce's continual dabbling in the movie business if we'd ever see anything specifically stylised to her and now it seems we are. 'Run' the new movie starring Beyonce & Jay-Z with an epic supporting cast of actors including Jake Gyllenhaal, Blake Lively, Rashida Jones, Don Cheadle and Sean Penn. Take a look at the awesome and extended debut trailer for the new movie below;

We must admit it looks pretty awesome, therefore if you haven't guessed it yet, it's a shame that it's not real as suggested by the trailer's final caption of 'Coming Never'. The what can only be described as insanely epic trailer is in fact a promotional tool for Beyonce & Jay-Z's upcoming music tour 'On The Run'. We predict though that the tour is unlikely to feature any vocal work from any of the trailer's supporting cast of actors, much the pity.

So what did you think to this awesome tease of a trailer? Would you have wanted to watch the movie had it been real? We think it's great, and whilst we probably wouldn't have seen the film it's certainly one of the most inventive pieces of viral marketing promotion we've seen for a music tour in a long time!

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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