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6 funny Game Of Thrones images of the actors off set

Sometimes Game of Thrones is so engrossing that you can forget that the characters are real people who get up to pretty normal things when not in character. The awesome people over at The Chive have compiled a brilliant collection of 30 photos showing all your favourites characters actors going about their daily business. As such we've gathered our favourite 6 for you to check out.

1. We're of course quite unlikely to ever see Sansa Stark on the Iron Throne but in our first image you can see actress Sophie Turner posing with a classic thumbs up.

2. Fan favourite Tyrion Lannister is consistently battling his way through varying degrees of bother in the show but here actor Peter Dinklage can be seen posing with a muppet, free from his now prominent facial scar as seen on the show. 

3. In season 4 one of the most unlikely relationships to have developed is between that of Arya Stark and Sandor 'The Hound' Clegane, in the below image actors Rory McCann and Maisie Williams show the affection their on screen characters have with a very ominous look.

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