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X-Men TV series being contemplated by FOX

A recent interview with Collider as reported by IGN, confirms the possibility of FOX bringing the X-Men amongst their other Marvel properties including X-Force, Deadpool, New Mutants and the Fantastic Four to TV. In the interview Simon Kinsberg the writer/producer of FOX's next big screen effort X-Men: Days of Future Past discusses how FOX are actively considering bringing the X-Men to TV.

"We're still in this place of figuring out what the future of the franchise will be." suggesting "When you look at [Agents of] S.H.I.E.L.D to some extent and what Marvel is doing now with Daredevil and other shows on Netflix, it makes sense to tell some of these stories on TV, partly because there's just not enough screens to do all these characters, and also because the serialised format of comic books is better suited for TV".

When talking about the potential, clearly the biggest issue as stressed in the interview by Kinsberg is the affordability of creating superhero action on the small screen. Especially with characters such as the X-Men who do indeed have a great spread of unique and unusual powers that could prove difficult to manifest with effects on a smaller budget. "That's the challenge" stated Kinsberg, suggest though "With the proliferation of new kinds of visual and special effects, there's a way to make these stories that don't cost $300 Million."

Certainly sounds exciting to us. As fans of the X-Men the potential to see expanded universe storylines realised on TV could be excellent and with the continuing effort being put into shows like Arrow and the upcoming Gotham, Constantine and Flash it's clear that the small screen can be a place to flesh out the stories of the characters we love.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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