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Why Game of Thrones 'Purple wedding' totally sucked!

As is generally obligatory with any posts on Game Of Thrones, please be aware that there are huge spoilers to follow if you're yet to watch Season 4 Episode 2 'The Lion and the Rose'.

Ok, so the 'Purple wedding' was rather underwhelming I found. Granted we finally got to witness the death of everyone's most hated coward, bully and ruler of the realm, King Joffrey but with a death that lacked any true gratification, or for me, satisfaction when compared to the grizzly murders of the Red Wedding, Eddarrd Stark and the consistent poor treatment that Joffrey forced upon his kingdom and other fan favourite characters such as Tyrion.

Yes, the death was suitably gruesome as Joffrey choked, spluttered and bled from his eyes and nose but being poisoned doesn't really compare to the protracted and brutally agonising death of Robb and Caitlin stark that we had to endure last season. I'm left feeling so unsatisfied that I'd probably prefer to have seen Joffrey live on, even with the torment he forced the audience of his wedding through. If only to see a more fulfilling and just fate be brought upon the character at a later date.

That said, it's typical of George R.R. Martin to keep the audience of his books continually on their toes and of course this translates to the screen too. The big questions now are of course the fate of the realm, have the Lanisters lost all power? Are the Tyrrells certain to hold the crown post purple wedding now that Margaery is queen? Does anyone really think Tyrion poisoned him? When will we get to see Lord Bolton suffer for his discourse in season 3? And so many more!

Yes, I'm dissapointed at Joffreys death, but, I've no doubt there are much greater, more exciting and far more devious twists and turns ahead for the series and I certainly can't wait to watch and see what's in store! What did you think of the 'Purple Wedding' are you finally happy Joffrey met his demise or would you have preferred it to be a vengeance killing at the hands of the Starks?

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