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Titanfall getting fresh DLC this May!

The Xbox One's flagship action, first person, robot shooter hybrid is set to get an onslaught of fresh DLC this coming may in the form of 3 new and diverse maps. According to Respawn Entertainment the games creators as reported by IGN this new DLC will take place after the core campaign of Titanfall thus expanding the universe and stories within it even further. Currently the first map teased is entitled 'Swampland', the map is said to be dense with foliage and scattered tree lines allowing for sporadic and unpredictable traversal via wall running. The second map 'Runoff' is apparently loosely connected to that of 'Swampland' and is a maze of "pipes and water". Finally the last map of the selection 'War Games' is said to be a Titan pilot training arena, which could indeed open up some unique and interesting conflicts.

Beyond this Respawn announced that they will also be adding the feature to allow users to create and place their own custom decals on their Titans. Allowing for greater player customisation and no doubt given many the opportunity to signify their own clans and teams. Does the idea of more Titanfall DLC sound good to you? Did you think the game was underwhelming or are you loving it and happy to spend money on more?

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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