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The Last of Us PS4 release date leaked!

Other than a vague 'Summer 2014' Sony has been pretty quiet on giving away a release date for the upcoming PS4 version of it's exceedingly excellent blockbuster game 'The Last of Us'. If US retailers are to be believed however we'll all have the chance to be playing the game in the not too distant future. With Best Buy, Target and GameFly all putting up the same release date of the not too far out June 20th 2014.

It's still possible that this may not be the actual date for the game's release and just something to tide us eager gamers over. That said, as Gamespot points out this date is both a Friday and comes the week following E3 so is in very much a prime sales position. As we recently discussed the game is likely to retail at standard PS4 price but does include all DLC from the PS3 version as well as enhanced graphics and video commentary.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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