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The Elder Scrolls: Online gets an awesome siege launch trailer!

The Elder Scrolls: Online looks set to be the most promising new MMO to come out anytime soon, available now on PC and soon to launch on Xbox One and PS4 the game has an audience ready and waiting with high expectations. To solidify it's launch and the first foray of the Elder Scrolls in to an online and multiplayer environment, Bethesda have launched the following awesome cinematic trailer to accompany the games debut to the public.

The trailer is epicly action packed and gives us plenty to get our teeth into. Showcasing the races and factions we'll be seeing in the upcoming game, it's a strong presentation of the kind of action and excitement we can expect to see from the new game. With it looking this awesome, do you think you'll be picking up the game and if so what platform?
Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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