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Paramore hit back at Justin Bieber after he rips off 'Riot' artwork

Recently revealed artwork for a new single from Justin Bieber was picked apart by Paramore fans when they realised it was ripped from a fan made Tumblr edit for Paramore's 'Born for this' off their album Riot! You can check out the fan made Tumblr edit here, below you can see the similarities between the fan made artwork being used by Bieber and that of the Paramore album Riot!

In fine form and in response to fans outcry, Paramore have responded with their own take on some well known artwork of Biebers. Spoofing his very popular believe album with a take of their own:

A nice little bit of musician back and forth no doubt, as of yet there's no word from Bieber on the obvious spoof but as he's not entirely well known for his ability to hold his tongue we may well see something from him very soon.

Via: Kerrang

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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