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Johnny Knoxville takes over the voice of Leonardo in TMNT!

Following the news of reshoots on the upcoming TMNT movie it appears there's been a little bit of recasting too. The ever cool leader of the Turtles Leonardo is set to have his voice actor recast to none other than Johnny Knoxville replacing original voice and physical performance actor Pete Ploszek. Additionally Tony Shalhoub has been cast as the proud and strict mentor and guru of the Turtles, Master Splinter. IGN reports on the news from Deadline that suggests it had always been the intention of the film makers to recast some of their voice actors should it be necessary and this was part of the original casts contracts.

What do you think of the change in casting for the upcoming TMNT movie? Alongside the reshoots should we start to be concerned that perhaps the movie isn't on track at all? With it set to hit cinemas this coming August 8th this seems like a lot of changes so late in the day.

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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