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Game of Thrones 'Purple Wedding' our whodunit top 5!

As per our recent article on Why the 'Purple Wedding' sucked please be aware that there are some pretty heavy spoilers coming up in this article!

With the crazy events of 'The Lion and the Rose' we finally got to say farewell to everyone's most despised ruler of the realm King Joffrey himself as he spluttered, bled and turned 'purple' from what appears to have been some clever poisoning on behalf of any number of cunning characters. As such we thought we'd have a look at the top 5 potential culprits for Game of Thrones biggest whodunit! 

1. Tyrion Lannister

Motivation: Let's be honest Joffrey absolutely hates his uncle Tyrion with a passion. Continually bullying, embarrassing and even going so far to have his kings guard attempt to kill his uncle at the battle of Blackwater. Therefore Tyrion most certainly has plenty of reason to despise his nephew.

Likelihood: Whilst it's clearly intended to suggest that Tyrion is the man behind the killing of Joffrey, we're pretty sure it's highly unlikely. Tyrion is, for a Lannister, an honourable man and though he no doubt had no love for his nephew we don't think he'd have gone to such efforts to have him killed. 

Probability: 2/10

2. Sansa Stark

Motivation: It's hard to know where to start really, Joffrey has amongst other things been responsible for the beheading of Sansa's Father Ned in the first season of the show, forcing her to look upon it, impaled on the battlements. Then he has bullied, tortured and abused her ever since. Just to top if off alongside his family, he's also responsible for the deaths of Sansa's mother Caitlin and eldest brother Robb. The latter whom had been leading a war of vengeance against the king and was likely Sansa's only true hope for rescue and return to her family.

Likelihood: Whilst Sansa's hatred for Joffrey runs deep and the will to kill him is there. We find it hard to believe that Sansa would have the necessary resource to orchestrate such a plot. Whilst she has allies they are most certainly not the type of people with whom she could truly confide, nor assist her to such an extent that she could take down the King:

Probability: 3/10

Continue to see the remaining top 3!

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