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Confirmation: The Last Of Us: Remastered Edition is coming to PS4

A recently discovered banner advertisement as reported by IGN has been spotted online at the Sony Entertainment Online network store. Rumours have surfaced numerous times over the last few months that a PS4 edition of the critically acclaimed game of the year would be making it's way to the next generation console in the not too distant future. Last month we reported on an interview in which Playstation's Eurasian software manager Sercan Sulan dropped the ball by mentioning it in an interview.

According to the above captured screenshot from the SEO store the game will cost $59.99 so we should more than likely expect a UK price somewhere in the range of £40-£45 which if you've never experienced this exceptional game is well worth the price. According to the aforementioned interview the game will in fact come with all Multiplayer DLC and the fantastic Single Player DLC 'Left Behind' as part of that price. No doubt a fantastic deal.

Are you excited by the prospect of enjoying The Last Of Us: Remastered in what is, it seems, the definitive package of the game with enhanced graphics and all DLC included? We most certainly are!

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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