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Brand new Lego Simpsons Mini Figures

We do like the odd bit of Lego at GAMR and it's amazing to see off the back of the excellent Simpsons evergreen terrace set released earlier this year that Lego are bringing us a whole set of new Simpsons minifigures! There's 16 to be exact covering some of everyone's favourite Simpsons characters.

Each of these come with a character specific accessory like Bart's Skateboard or a squishy cup for Apu. The total set of figures includes the entire Simpsons family including, Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Grandpa. The remaining ten characters in the series are: Ralph, Chief Wiggum, Nelson, Apu, Ned Flanders, Itchy, Scratchy, Krusty the Clown, Millhouse and last but not least Mr Burns.

All the figures look amazing with their character specific accessories and whilst distinctly Lego they fuse the charm of both into one amazing set of minifigures. The figures are set to be released alongside a Lego specific episode of The Simpsons so to air on May 4th as part of its 25th season. In America the figures are retailing for $3.99 so expect a UK retail price somewhere in the region of £2.99!

We think these look awesome and can't wait to get hold of a few to decorate our desks! Do you think you'll grab yourself a few from the series or maybe even the full set?

Via: IGN

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