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Yet another Game Of Thrones Season 4 trailer!

As we rapidly approach the start of the highly anticipated Season 4 of Game Of Thrones, HBO continues to throw endless amounts of teasers and viral content online to keep us all chomping at the bit. The most recent of which is the below 4th trailer for Season 4.

A lot of emphasis in the trailer is placed on the Stark family and emphasising how powerful their name is. Whilst the previous season left them in a different circumstance than we've all known before it's good to see their poignance in the series being highlighted. Plenty of shots of Arya and Sansa are shown which promotes the suggestion of a reinvigorated use of these characters in the new season.

Further to that a large focus on Bran and his new abilities is shown as well as highlights of what we expect will be an epic battle of Jon Snow and the Nightswatch against the wildlings. As season 4 rapidly approaches, excitement continues to mount. We're very much looking forward to season 4, the constant string of teasers has us ready. Are you looking forward to season 4? Do you feel there has been far too much shown in advance of have you loved all the teasers and previews?

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