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Xbox One now available for the same price as a PS4

We recently reported on various price reductions taking place on the Xbox one hardware in line with the upcoming release of the highly anticipated Titanfall and it's related special edition Xbox One bundle. Since then retailers seem to be very keen to push for further sales on the Xbox One hardware that they have available.

As of today IGN has spotted that Maplin in the UK have now jumped in with their own pricing for the Xbox One standalone console bundle which includes; The Console, Kinect, a Contoller and a one month free subscription to Xbox Live. Maplin are making a bold move now listing the console as £349.99 the same retail price at which Sony's competing playstation 4 has retailed at since it's UK launch last November.

Whilst this isn't an official price cut from Microsoft on top of their UK wide reduction to £399.99 it's interesting that so many retailers are making steps to reduce even further. Last time Microsoft reported figures in January the console had sold around 3 million units. Not as good a figure as Sony's recently revealed 6 million but still a good number for a new launch nonetheless. Are retailers concerned about being overstocked on Xbox One? Perhaps this is just an effort to further invigorate the market and improve sales on accessories and games? Only time will tell. 

At this awesomely reduced price will you be picking yourself up an Xbox One? 

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