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Titanfall release doubles sales of Xbox One

The quite staggering figures from the weekend following Titanfall's Xbox One debut show that the console really has been waiting on a killer game to help it gather steam in the consumer marketplace. The team over at Gamespot have taken a look at figures provided by analysts GFK Chart-Track which shows a huge correlation in UK console sales with the release of the game.

According to the analysts, there was an overall increase of console sales by 96 percent over the weekend. With a massive 70 percent of this increase consisting of Xbox One: Titanfall bundles. It's likely no coincidence considering Microsoft's aggressive pricing action on the Xbox One over the past few weeks and more notably the spread of deals being thrown into the market by retailers. With the likes of Zavvi's £399 two game Titanfall bundle, Maplin's £349.99 standard Xbox One bundle & Gamestop's £369.97 Titanfall bundle vying for their share of the consumer's money.

Are you tempted with the release of the fantastic looking Titanfall and all these cheaper Xbox One deals to get yourself the game and the console?

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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