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The New Facebook Layout!

Facebook is soon to move forward with a new design and layout for it's desktop version. The intention is to bring the overall graphical feel more in line with that of the Mobile and Tablet App versions of the site, created a more unified style across these core platforms. Here's a screenshot of the new layout captured by Hayley Tsukayama.

It certainly looks to be a great deal more streamlined, with a richer spread of visual content. Apparently Facebook now focusing on richer news has altered its algorithms so that content shown in users news feeds will have greater association with their interests and be more visually led so as to provide a richer and more enjoyable news feed environment for it's users.

What do you think to this new layout? Does it frustrate you that Facebook is changing once again or are you keen on this new style and the benefits it could bring?

Ben Corbett-Mills / @benleopards

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