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New Game Of Thrones mobile game 'Ascent' announced

The ever expanding media of Game Of Thrones is soon to grow with a brand new mobile game for iOS and Android platforms coming this Spring. Game Of Thrones Ascent is based upon the hugely popular online only title of the same name which since it's release in 2013 has racked up an impressively large player base of 2 million on Facebook.

The CEO of games developer Disruptor Beam, Jon Radoff is excited at the prospect of bringing their hugely popular game to mobile platforms having stated that “Since the early stages of the game’s development, our intention was always to release Game of Thrones Ascent on mobile devices”. Of course the game is based upon the ever popular and continually expanding Game Of Thrones TV show. In it players take control of their own minor house becoming it's lord and swearing fealty to one of the larger houses from the series including the likes of House Lannister, House Tyrell & House Stark.

The game challenges players with growing their house and climbing their way to the heights of the social and political landscape of Westeros. Gameplay is a mixture if strategy and action with a story that changes based on your decisions creating different Allies and Enemies. All in all it sounds rather exciting and something that will be fantastic to play in short bursts on your mobile! Do you like the sound of Game of Thrones Ascent? Have you already played the online version? Are you not really bothered?

Via: IGN

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